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Ben is an awesome teacher and really gives our kids an outlet to express themselves with ukulele. We have tried other music teachers before, and nobody quite resonated as well with our young kids. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a patient, expert, musician to teach both kids and adults.”

— James

Ben is not only an amazingly talented guitarist, but he is an incredible teacher as well! I have been taking online lessons with him via facetime for a few months now, and I have learned so much! He is able to effortlessly and effectively teach many skill levels, from basics all the way to advanced! I cannot recommend him enough! If you are at all interested in learning guitar, or taking your playing to the next level, he is your guy! 🎸”

— Thor

As an older student who is returning to music (I took piano lessons as an elementary student and tried to teach myself guitar in high school), Ben has been extremely accommodating in meeting me where I'm at in my music journey with guitar. The lesson plans are perfectly tailored to my goals and learning with him has always been a pleasant, positive, and patient experience. Our current lessons are organized virtually and even then, we are still able to accomplish a lot!”

— Viet

Ben is awesome! After 9 years of music lessons with Ben, my son successfully auditioned at his choice music colleges and developed a level of proficiency with the guitar that well exceeded all of our expectations. He also provided a level of mentorship that was invaluable and went above and beyond the calls of a normal guitar teacher. Now he's teaching our 6 year old via video and is infinitely patient and cognizant of her needs as a young learner. Beyond his stellar teaching and talent in music, Ben is a lovely person and a reliable and knowledgeable teacher for students of any age. We should know, he’s taught almost everyone in our family!”

— Jennifer